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ISSN 2623-6575 (Online)

Volumen 1 number 1-2 published on June 30, 2018.
UDK 60/63

Volumen 1 number 3 published on August 18, 2018.
UDK 631
UDK 630
UDK 502.1
UDK 008

Editorial Board:

Doc. dr. sc. Boris Dorbić, S. Lect. - Editor - in - Chief
Emilija Friganović, MS Food Tech., S. Lect. - Deputy Editor - in - Chief
Ančica Sečan Matijaščić, mag. act. soc. (MSW) - Technical Editor
Antonia Dorbić, mag. art. - Deputy Technical Editor
Prof. dr. sc. Željko Španjol
Mr. sc. Milivoj Blažević
Vesna Štibrić, MS Food Tech.

International Editorial Board:

Prof. dr. sc. Kiril Bahcevandziev - Portugal
Prof. dr. sc. Martin Bobinac - Serbia
Doc. dr. sc. Zvezda Bogevska - Macedonia
Dario Bognolo, mag. ing. - Croatia
Prof. dr. sc. Agata Cieszewska - Poland
Prof. dr. Bogdan Cvjetković, prof. emeritus - Croatia
Prof. dr. sc. Duška Ćurić, Croatia
Doc. dr. sc. Margarita Davitkovska - Macedonia
Doc. dr. sc. Dubravka Dujmović Purgar - Hrvatska
Prof. dr. sc. Semina Hadžiabulić - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prof. dr. sc. Péter Honfi - Hungary
Prof. dr. sc. Valeria Ivanova - Bulgaria
Doc. dr. sc. Orhan Jašić - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prof. dr. sc. Biljana Lazović - Montenegro
Prof. dr. sc. Bosiljka Mustać - Hrvatska
Hrv. akademik prof. dr. sc. Stanislav Nakić - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sandra Popović, mag. ing. - Serbia
Doc. dr. sc. Bojan Simovski - Macedonia
Prof. dr. sc. Davor Skejić - Croatia
Doc. dr. sc. Milan Stanković - Serbia
Akademik prof. dr. sc. Refik Šećibović - Bosna i Hercegovina
Prof. dr. sc. Andrej Šušek - Slovenia
Prof. dr. sc. Elma Temim - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Doc. dr. sc. Ivana Vitasović Kosić - Croatia
Doc. dr. sc. Ana Vujošević - Serbia
Prof. dr. sc. Vesna Židovec - Croatia

Editorial Office: Bana J. Jelačića 13 a Šibenik.

Published by: FUTURA.

Language Advisor & Prepress: Ančica Sečan Matijaščić, mag. act. soc. (MSW).

The journal is issued in electronic edition twice a year, at the end of June and at the end of December. Furthermore, two additional interdisciplinary special issues are planned during the year and it is intended to address STEM fields and other scientific/artistic fields.

Gazette is free of charge.

Manuscripts and reviews are not returned and are not paid.

Reproduction, distribution, public disclosure, making available to the public or processing in any form is prohibited without the written permission of the Publisher.

The content published in the Gazette Future can be freely used for personal and educational purposes with mandatory sources quotation.

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