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Instructions to Authors

Professional and scientific journal named "Glasilo Future" publishes scientific and professional texts in biotechnical science ( agriculture, forestry, wood technology, food technology, nutritionism, biotechnology) as well as social news, bibliographies and reviews of books and texts, popular scientific papers, polemics and other. Only the papers that have not yet been submitted for publishing anywhere and those that have not been published anywhere else are eligible for publishing. Scientific papers are categorised as follows: original scientific paper, scientific review, preliminary communication and conference paper. The papers are reviewed by two or more scientists involved in the relevant field. The paper should not exceed 17 page limit, the font size needs to be 11, in Times New Roman, with line spacing 1.5 and margin space 2.5. Exceptionally, upon approval by the editorial board, some interdisciplinary papers or those that the editorial board may find of particular interest can include up to 25 pages. The papers need to be submitted in the electronic form and they need to be written in the Croatian or in the English language (e-mail:
The original scientific paper needs to include: full names and surnames of the authors with the names of the institutions, the address and the e-mail in the notes - font 10, paper title, Summary, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References - using font 12, bold for the titles. The papers submitted in the English language are submitted without the title in the Croatian language and without the summary in Croatian.
The paper title needs to be as short as possible, both in Croatian and in English. The paper category is proposed by the authors and it is confirmed by the reviewers and the Editor - in - Chief.
The Summary needs to include the General Overview, Methodology, Results and Conclusion. The paper needs to be written in third person, with a minimum of 3 to 5 key words. The Summary should not exceed 250 words. The Abstract is the translation of the Summary with key words.
The Introduction needs to include what the research has been conducted on thus far and the objective of the specific research. Materials and Methods of the research need to be briefly presented. In the Results and the Discussion sections one needs to strive not to repeat what has already been stated. The Conclusions need to present only what will provide a concise and a clear presentation of the research conducted. The References need to be arranged in the alphabetical order of the authors, as follows: by the surname and the initial letter of the author’s name or Anonymous (unknown author), the year when it is issued in brackets, the title of the book or the paper, the title of the journal and the number and year, as well as the place of publication and the pages from - to. If there are more than three authors, they are referred to in the references as follows (Surname et al., 2018).
Footnotes need to be avoided in the paper or they may possibly be used to provide some explanation. The authors in the text are quoted in accordance with the APA standard e. g. (Surname, 2018); (Surname1 and Surname2, 2016); (Surname et al., 2018) (more than two authors). The quotes need to include quotation marks ("n") and the page of the quoted text (Surname, 2018, p. 44).
Tables need to be numbered and need to be referred to above in the Croatian language and in the English language in italics.
Figures need to be numbered and need to be referred to below in the Croatian language and in the English language in italics.
Resolution of the figures (chart, photograph, drawing, illustration, map) needs to be at least 300 dpi.

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