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Miroslav Poje, Vedrana Kasumović, Martina Skendrović Babojelić, Mihael Kušen, Vesna Židovec

Glasilo Future Volumen 6 broj 4 prosinac 2023. / Gazette Future Volume 6 number 4 Dec 2023

Objavljeno 31. prosinca 2023. godine. / Published on Dec 31, 2023.

ISSN 2623-6575 (Online)
UDK 63


Izvorni znanstveni rad (original scientific paper)


Perception of health professionals regarding the use of horticultural therapy

Str./Pp. 01–20


Miroslav Poje, Vedrana Kasumović, Martina Skendrović Babojelić, Mihael Kušen, Vesna Židovec


In some countries, such as Croatia, horticultural therapy (HT) is still in its early stages, which is reflected in the extremely low use of this therapy in practice. The main reasons for this are the lack of necessary infrastructure (outdoor or indoor spaces for horticultural activities) and formal education that would allow HT to be carried out safely. The aim of the research was to determine the awareness and perception of the staff of the Special Hospital for the Protection of Children with Neurodevelopmental and Motor Disabilities in Zagreb about the benefits and possibilities of introducing HT into regular therapeutic activities. The research was conducted in 2019 by means of a survey among members of the reference population, i.e., a sample of 120 health workers of the referred hospital. The results show that most respondents are familiar with the concept of horticultural therapy, while as many as 88 % of respondents believe that horticultural therapy is not or is insufficiently known in their environment. Most of the respondents do not recommend HT to their patients. Additional training in HT is considered important or very important by almost all respondents, regardless of where such training would take place. At the same time, 89 % of respondents believe that additional training and the use of HT would significantly improve the overall psychophysical condition of patients and stimulate more competition among colleagues which will lead to a broader application of horticultural therapy. The results show that healthcare professionals are interested in HT in healthcare facilities and are willing to be trained in its safe use.

Key words: horticulture, health care facilities, therapeutic activities, education, Croatia.




Poje, M., Kasumović, V., Skendrović Babojelić, M., Kušen, M., Židovec, V. (2023). Perception of health professionals regarding the use of horticultural therapy. Glasilo Future, 6(4), 01–20.

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