Semir Maslo

Glasilo Future Volumen 6 broj 5-6 prosinac 2023. / Gazette Future Volume 6 number 5-6 Dec 2023

Objavljeno 31. prosinca 2023. godine. / Published on Dec 31, 2023.

ISSN 2623-6575 (Online)
UDK 63


Prethodno priopćenje (preliminary communication)


New floristic data of vascular plants from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Str./Pp. 65-81


Semir Maslo


Based on the field, herbarium and bibliographic research, I report distributional data for four rare plant taxa native for the sub-Mediterranean region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It includes new records and confirmations for taxa in the genera Campanula, Cardamine, Pisum and Teucrium. New localities for Campanula portenschlagiana and Cardamine fialae are listed and the presence of two taxa Pisum sativum subsp. elatius and Teucrium flavum are confirmed for the country. In addition, a brief morphological description and photographs of these taxa are presented. The special attention was paid to the conservation categories of these taxa. C. portenschlagiana and C. fialae should be placed in the endangered category (VU) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while P. sativum subsp. elatius and T. flavum should be classified under the Data Deficient category (DD).

Key words: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Campanula, Cardamine, distribution, Pisum, Teucrium, rare taxa.




Maslo, S. (2023). New floristic data of vascular plants from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Glasilo Future, 6(5-6), 65-81.